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We want you to feel confident in your decision to hire us to partner with you and your company to create your new visual branding, or to compliment your marketing team with brand perfect artwork so we've listed a few of our very favourite projects below.


Medway Maritime Swim Club

Being a brand new club, they were looking for more than just a new logo. The club wanted a logo to appeal to young swimmers but equally be a club
competitive swimmers would be proud to swim for. Visual appeal and pride would be the main decision


  • Looking at current competition swim clubs, MMSC’s logo had to be brighter, more vibrant and striking, everything current swim club logos are not!

  • The Tri-dent was an element the club wanted to keep as a symbol of strength.



  • The newly designed logo that was chosen is strong, vibrant and striking. Everything the club was looking for.

  • The new swim club logo was so well-received, the club attracted some top-level competitive swimmers and coaches.

  • The enthusiasm of the club is now epitomised in the logo and merchandise


The Shower Seal Shop

The Shower Seal Company / Inventive Creations already had a catalogue that had been developed previously and over the year just been updated and revised. They were now looking to clean it up and make it easier to use.


  • Using original layouts from the previously issued catalogues was required.

  • A new cover that was an update to the original but not too different, we wanted a revival, not a complete change.

  • Page layouts that consolidated all the same or similar products together into one section rather than split through the old catelogue.


  • The new catalogue has been restructured, using sections which include old and new layouts from the previous issues

  • The cover was updated but not greatly changed, meaning it didn’t look too far from the original, which gives it a link to the previous catalogues.

  • Products were placed at actual size - cleanly and clearly.

  • A print version and an email version were supplied as well as versions with and without pricing.


Tony Lorenzo's rebrand

The new owners of this restaurant approached us to help them update and rebrand their new investment. They were looking for edgy, and funky but keeping a sophisticated coffee/cafe shop look, requesting to keep the colours black and gold.


  • Reinvent the restaurant designs without using the new name, the owners wanted to keep it confidential initially.

  • Update pricing and menu items to match their new offering and new till systems

  • The changes had to take place over a few months to avoid interfering with business and stay within budget.


  • Menus are clean, clear, and easy to read, and branding is clever, using no logos but fonts and icons to create a brand match.

  • Menus, signage around the cafe/patisserie, labels, and stickers were all updated and supplied, creating a new feel within the shop, updated and fresh.

  • A new website was designed to match the new look, fully functional with booking, food ordering, and more!

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